Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Bother With Philosophy?

Why do we care whether there is a common philosophical underpinning to our actions, or government actions? 

The answer is, very simply, to answer the neverending question of "why?"

Why should we act the way we do?
Why should the government pursue one policy instead of others?
Why actions by the government legitimate?
Is the government legitimate in the first place?
What makes some actions right?

What I would like to do in subsequent posts is develop a few points in no particular order:

1. The criticism from anarchy - why do anarchists think government is immoral
2. Consequentialism and why I reject it
3. Deontological ethics and why I think that they offer a better account of morality
4. State of nature and why  it is important
5. What are the proper justifications of a state
6. What are the conditions that these justifications impose on the proper functioning of the state i.e. are there things that the state can do which are immoral?
7. Which of Singapore's policies may be considered moral or immoral. (Will take up many posts and will be done on an ad hoc basis)
8. What directions should Singapore take?
9. What role should an opposition play in a PAP dominated government?

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